CetraC - Flying

CetraC is a real time Ethernet interconnection open technology that improves connectivity, safety, performance and total cost of ownership in any critical environment.

Flying with CetraC

CetraC is

a high-tech company with a unique expertise in critical data processing architectures.

Building on 10 years experience, CetraC was developed as a secure gateway for time-critical and life-critical applications, compatible with any networking protocol and architecture.

CetraC has been used on aeronautical validation test benches for years. Soon, CetraC’s solution will take its first flight at the core of the networking architecture of an aircraft.

Modular IP Switch and IP End-System

Switches are custom designed to customer specification. This includes the number of ports (8, 16, 24, etc.) and the applicable protocols (Ethernet, etc.) for each port.

CetraC offers multi-protocol capability at different levels. Each port can be configured to a specific protocol. Alternatively, a given port can be assigned several protocols. This is a clear advantage in terms of integration.

Protocol selection occurs during the configuration phase. Cetrac.io performs the assembly of sub-modules taken from the CetraC library. The following protocols are supported:

  • IEEE802.3
  • ARINC664 Part 7
  • IEEE1588
  • MIL-STD-1553
  • ARINC825-CAN
  • A custom or standard cyber secure algorithm can also be added.

The maximum speed is 10 Gbps per port as well as ARINC664 Part 7 communication at up to 1 Gbps. CetraC modular IP switch is developed and assembled according to the DO-254 standard.

Designing a flying CetraC solution

Building an end-system IP or a switch IP with the CetraC modular technology is easy and safe as it consists in the selection and the assembly of existing and mature sub-modules taken from the CetraC library.

The redundancy capability, part of Silkan’s modular IP end system, is based on at least two Ethernet/AFDX ports and a dedicated module connected to the embedded CPU. This CPU (or DSP) can be located inside or outside the FPGA.

The same level of flexibility is available for the customer end system. According to the equipment type (sensor, computer, …), a set of additional features can be added and implemented in hardware to ensure compliance with the DO-254 standard.

With CetraC technology, it is possible to provide a 24 port AFDX/Ethernet switch. A demonstrator with ARINC600 form factor is presented above.

Babelya: a secure multi-protocol COTS switch

Babelya 8 port switch can be seen as a multi-protocol COTS product or as a real time and cyber ready platform for secure networks. Built in features protect your system against any external attack and can be augmented by encrypting Ethernet frames to increase the level of security.

The CetraC core technology is pure hardware embedded into a single FPGA, allowing our customers to add standard or custom cyber algorithms into the FPGA. This solution can be brought to market very quickly.

Build a trust network using Babelya COTS. Babelya features:

  • Cyber ready
    • 100% hardware solution embedded in a single FPGA
    • Native segregation of data path
    • Secure by identification of equipment using configuration
    • Optional introduction of cyber algorithm
  • Deterministic
    • System modeling
    • Proven determinism
    • Prioritization of flow
    • Guaranteed quality of service
  • Performance
    • 1 Gbps data in ARINC664 Part 7 and Ethernet Deterministic
    • Dual redundant 10 Gbps backbone
  • Standardized product
    • IEEE802.3
    • IEEE1588
    • ARINC664 Part 7 at up to 1Gbps
  • Properties
    • Any topology: ring, bus, tree
    • DO254 DAL A compliant
    • ITAR Free