CetraC is an independent french technology company, 100% owned by its managers, with headquarters in Paris and a development team located in the south of France.

CetraC’s experienced management team cumulates more than 140 years of professional experience, and has been working together for several years, and has been extensively focused on the development and success of our customer’s success.

Our main mission is to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions using technical and industrial expertise. Depending on client’s demand, CetraC integrates its own products and technologies to deliver turn-key solution. The company is also able to extend its scope of expertise thanks to its complementary partners. In addition to that, CetraC provides its clients with a complete range of services from technical training to consulting.

Our different technologies are helpful to vendors from aerospace, defense and automotive sectors to, among others, reduce risk, increase their operational performance, optimize the development of costs and time, reduce the consumption and reduce total cost of ownership. Although the discrepancies between these three markets are obvious, the fact there are very complex and require high-technology innovations and processes bring them closer together.

Cetrac is part of a large ecosystem of technological clusters and innovation accelerators.

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