CetraC for the automotive industry

CetraC is fully ready for the automotive industry

CetraC provides a secure gateway for connectivity. It serves as an interface between the vehicle electronic architecture and the external connectivity.

CetraC can also implement networking operations for ADAS ECU. CetraC reduces the pressure on CPUs, dealing with high demanding networking tasks on the side.

Using CetraC, you benefit from a full electronic architecture, and a seamless upgrade of legacy with high speed networks, enabling a Service Oriented Architecture.

CetraC 100% hardware approach addresses all automotive industry challenges at the same time

Cetrac is fast : it allows 32 Gbps switching, 2 microseconds latency.

Cetrac is safe : it allows a deterministic approach, manages redundancy, and it reliability is proven by its certification for aircraft core networks.

CetraC is ready for cybersecurity : CetraC guarantees segregation of networks, natively provides data encryption, based on AES256 or custom algorithms, provides filtering capabilities, without using a specific operating system nor software. Moreover, its node’s behavior cannot be modified from remote locations.

CetraC allows seamless integrations. It is compatible with all main legacy protocols, and still, new protocols can easily be integrated. It also allows for limited R&D efforts : its high speed layer is « plug & play » with legacy networks.

CetraC is a cost-efficient solution : you reduce wiring and weight, power consumption and reduce the number of CPUs required.