Cetrac for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 and cybersecurity

Market trends in industry 4.0 are cybersecurity centric. The digital transformation at work generates, in the same time, a digital havoc, that requires managing the security of the full infrastructure.

CetraC is a 100% hardware technology, cybersecure by design. Devices designed with CetraC only allows protocols and functions that you intended. Moreover, CetraC acts as an intelligent diode : when traffic is only allowed in one way, you can decide to disallow everything, or only let technical packets circulation.

Using the CetraC platform, technology is customized to our clients specific needs. Several use cases demonstrate how to design a hardware firewall & protocol converter/filter. An example of implementation for industry: Babelya™, a multi protocol Router

Moreover, CetraC’s relevance is proven by our aeronautics references.

Agility and optimisation

Industry 4.0 seeks agility and optimisation.

  • Industrial IoTs and sensors send data to OTs
  • Legacy OT are more closely integrated in corporate IT framework
  • New cybersecurity tools are required: firewalls, diodes, probes, security operating center (SOC)…

CetraC hardware gateway strongly reduces the attack surface on OTs, hardening all the networking layers

CetraC is a 100% hardware gateway, cybersecure by design

CetraC is cyber secure by design as its behavior cannot be modified from remote. Being hardware, its behavior cannot be modified from remote. Hence it has genuine cybersecurity properties. CetraC needs no software whatsoever. It does not use any CPU, nor firmware, and its gateway capabilities a purely based on an automat.

Nevertheless, it is able to do many things. It can behave like a switch, can translate and aggregate packets, or provide very efficient encryption capabilities.

CetraC is immune to virus or malicious software. Devices developed on top of CetraC technology cannot be remotely altered.

With Cetrac, there is no software handling data streams, and memory buffers and hardware resources are segregated and dedicated to each data streams.

CetraC hardware encryption is based on AES-256, but can be adapted to custom algorithm to encrypt on the fly your data. CetraC node configuration is protected as well with AES-256, IPSec technics.

Using CetraC, you avoid the loss of revenue by protecting data on your network from being modified or stolen. Overall, CetraC adds a new protection mechanism in your cybersecurity strategy.