Technology Overview

We deliver the Intellectual Property for FPGA targets, with customizable design.

  • Number of ports, speeds, dedicated interfaces
  • Protocols : Ethernet, Arinc 664 part 7, CAN, CAN FD, Flexray, Mil Std 1553, Arinc 429, IEEE 1588, Discrete, LIN, PCI, PCIe, etc.
  • Functions & Features : routing, filtering, encryption, protocol translation, data aggregation, local configuration

As an agile fabless company, we have no inventories, nor industrial costs.

We are able to provide prototypes in a very short time.

As a customer, you take care of the box directly or with your favorite OEM, hence providing integration in any existing supply chain.

A fully customizable technology

Cetrac technology can be customized to each client specific need. The following diagram explains how using the protocols and functions supported by CetraC automates, our customer can design specific devices.

Integration process

The integration of CetraC inside your own design is quite simple. As described in the following schema, using our Toolkit, you design (with Dezygner) a configuration file that is translated by our Konfyguratr to produce the exact binary that is loaded (using Loader or Mydlewr) within your device.

A constantly evolving technology

Our team permanently enhances the CetraC technology to provide more speed, more protocol, more flexibility and more reliability to our customers.

In cas of a special design need – protocol of function – please get in touch with our business development team, we’ll be glad to demonstrate how these needs can rapidly be implemented using CetraC.