You will find hereafter general answers to the most frequent questions asked to our R&D & support teams.


What is CetraC ?

CetraC is an independent french technology company. We develop a 100% hardware technology : high-performance FPGA & ASIC IP networking products, for distributed architectures embedded in critical systems for various industries

What protocols does CetraC support ?

CetraC supports a very large list of protocols, such as : AFDX, Ethernet, TSN, PTP, CAN bus, MIL-Bus-1553, IEEE 1588, ARINC 664 part 7, ARINC 429, LIN, PCI, PCI Express, Flexray, Fibre Channel, Discrete, RL-DRAM, DDR4, ARM Buses, etc. Additional protocols can be added very easily.

What functions does CetraC implement ?

CetraC is adapted for unctions, such as routing, filetring, encryption, protocol translation, data aggregation, or local configuration.

How does CetraC work ?

CetraC customers can start with existing designs, or develop their own design, using a set of tools provided with our Toolkit.

What is Dezygnr ?

Dezygnr is CetraC tool to design a new networking product. Dezygnr generates a set of files, XML based, that can be uploaded on your FPGA.

Is CetraC secure ?

As a 100% hardware technology, CetraC is more than secure. It cannot be hacked, its behavior cannot be modified from remote locations. As it is based on an automat, the CetraC technology is immune to virus or malicious software and so can not be remotely altered. There is no Software handling data streams, and memory buffers and hardware resources are segregated and dedicated to dedicated data streams. Moreover, CetraC natively supports AES-256 based hardware encryption. You can also develop your own data encryption algorithm using CetraC

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