CetraC Toolkit and Configuration Tools

In order to help you design devices based on CetraC technology, we provide you with a Toolkit, a set of tools and programs to configure, analyse and test CetraC enabled devices.


Dezygnr is the software that helps you configure the CetraC system, by generating the CetraC XML configuration files needed by the Konfyguratr to load the configuration onto the hardware and optionally for the middleware.


Konfyguratr is the software that loads the CetraC configuration file onto the hardware or the middleware.


Loadr is a software program that loads the configuration file created with Konfyguratr. The source code is provided, written in C / POSIX, to help you integrate it in your own application.


Mydlewr is an SOA middleware that allows you to design architectures that do not need to know the exact type of network.


StatusRyptr is a sample program hat demonstrates how a CetraC enabled application can analyze the flow and detect incidents or unexpected data packet.